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Connect Polska have over 16 years of experience as suppliers of connectors for industrial customers in Poland, including Elzab, Indesit and leading automotive sales networks such as Moto-Profil and AD Polska.


Customer satisfaction is our priority, therefore we put much emphasis on quality and mostly offer products of well recognized manufacturers such as IMP Group, MTA, TE AMP, MOLEX, Delphi, Biffi Premoli, Elematic, SGE.

Quality of our suppliers and their products has been confirmed by many standards and cerificates such as ISO 9001, RoHS, UL, REACH.


Presetly we're introducing to the market a series of products under the brand name CONNECT. We believe that the new design and packaging will help to better recognize and show our products in retail chains.

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Connect Polska
38-400 Krosno, ul. Korczyńska 38

  (48) 13306 1111
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